Sangre de Cristo Youth Ranch

At 1½ miles above sea level on the western flank of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, stunning high desert vistas sweep hundreds of miles across the largest alpine valley in the world.  Towering thunderheads bathed in warm summer sun fade into gentle evening breezes.  On moonlit winter nights, the distant snowcapped summits of the Continental Divide shimmer on the horizon between a vast wilderness and the vivid milky way.


Welcome to the Sangre de Cristo Youth Ranch.  Perched 14 miles North of Taos New Mexico, the 700-acre ranch joins the 20,310-acre Rio Grande Gorge Wild Rivers Recreation Area and the 30,500-acre Columbine-Hondo Wilderness Study Area.   The front yard: whitewater rapids in lava walled canyons.  In the back: alpine tundra and 12,000 ft. peaks.  The ranch offers open meadows, woodland, canyons, spring fed streams, ponds, trails, farmland, and wildlife preserves. 

The Wilson family has been steward of this special place since 1947.  Through conservation easements, Bud and Barb have permanently protected the ranch along with the water that brings the traditional farmland to life.  They continue to offer this legacy for our benefit.

Facilities include: barn and corrals, the Lama Community Farm, open-air dining hall, primitive cabins, retreat cabin and campsites, and sustainable technology demonstration sites.  Visitors include elk, hawks, bears, coyotes, summer campers, and other wild critters.

Many non-profits, schools, individuals and groups have found a second home on the ranch.  Since 1985, children have flourished in summer camp here.  You are also welcome to enjoy this paradise.  Please contact us for more information about using the ranch.