Save the World After School Club


Who better to meet the challenges of the future than... the future!  The future is taking action today in our freeafter-school program.  Dubbed “Save the World Club” by a 12 year-old founding member, this group of do-gooders is unstoppable.  If it needs doing, they get it done. 

Club achievements to date:

stwc logo.jpg
  • Fencing, surveying, designing, tilling, planting, irrigating, cultivating, harvesting, processing, marketing, and preserving the new Lama Community Farm.
  • Planting an orchard.
  • Making 40 gallons of the worlds best pickles in one day
  • Building an industrial size solar food dehydrator.
  • Inventing and producing Heartfest. the annual harvest festival extravaganza.
  • Volunteering weekends to proudly tend the vegetable stand at the Saturday and Sunday farmer’s market during summer vacation.
  • Making a passive solar frost-free Yak water trough in finger numbing tundra-like conditions.
  • Fabricating a giant solar death ray.
  • Assembling a high-tunnel greenhouse.